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Wedding DJ in Phoenix

Weddings are special occasions that bring together two people in love, along with their families, to celebrate the union. A wedding DJ is a key part of the event, as they create the mood and atmosphere for the occasion. The right DJ can make or break a wedding, so it is important to choose someone who understands how to bring the biggest joy to guests.

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DJ  Pro PACKAGE - $1,600

This preset package includes:

•  Self Powered Speakers (x2)

•  Self Powered Subwoofer (x1)

•  Totem Stands (x2)

•  Gigbar2 (x1)

•  Chauvet Moving Heads (x2)

•  Up Lights for Totems (x2)

•  Pro X Mesa II Facade (x1)

•  Dj Set Up

•  Wireless Mic (x1)

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Our most popular package includes:

•  QSC Dual KW153 Speakers (x2)

•  Subwoofer (x2)

•  Full Truss Lighting Set-Up

•  Four-In-One Laser Strobe Light (x1)

•  LED Moving Heads (x4)

•  LED Pixel Facade or TV Facade (x1)

•  DJ/Set-up & Wireless Mic(s)

•  Mobile Video Projection/TV'S (x1)

•  Jam Text Interactive Software (x1)

•  Photo Booth Package (x1 for 2 hrs)

"For our wedding, we had rented the DJ/ photobooth service. They both did an absolutely AMAZING job! Leading up to the wedding Guillermo was in constant communication- he was there for all my questions, concerns/last-minute change of plans. With COVID everything is a little crazy but he did an amazing job of working with me. On the day of the wedding, the DJ did an amazing job of keeping the music coming and getting our guests up on the dance floor! Everyone absolutely loved the photo booth! 10/10 I would recommend Drop Top AZ Sounds & Entertainment to anyone! They were reliable and easy to work with!" - Kourtnie B.

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Music Moves Us...

Having music at your wedding can be an important part of making sure your special day goes off without a hitch. A great wedding DJ will be able to create the perfect atmosphere for your reception, playing music that appeals to all age groups and preferences. Let Drop Top Entertainment help make your special day memorable. We're one of the best-rated wedding DJs in the Phoenix area.

The Importance Of A Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ is a vital part of any wedding celebration. They are responsible for providing music and entertainment throughout the event, and they can help to keep the guests engaged and having a good time. The right DJ will be able to read the crowd and adjust their playlist accordingly, as well as fill in any awkward silences with jokes or witty banter. When hiring a wedding DJ, it's important to find someone who is experienced in wedding events, has an extensive music library and can provide references from past clients.

Frequently Asked DJ Questions

At Drop Top Entertainment, we're asked quite a few questions about wedding DJs. Here are the most common ones.

What makes a great wedding DJ?

Having a great wedding DJ can make all the difference in creating a memorable wedding day. A great DJ is someone who is experienced in playing a wide range of music and can read the crowd to choose songs that will keep the dance floor packed after the first dance. They should also have an excellent sound system and be able to adjust the volume as needed. A DJ should be friendly and engaging, interacting with guests and playing requests whenever possible. With these components, you can ensure your wedding has fun and exciting energy!

What experience do you have as a wedding DJ?

I have been a wedding DJ for about 17 years, providing music and entertainment at hundreds of weddings in the Phoenix area. During my 17 years of experience as a wedding DJ, I've gained a wealth of experience in creating the perfect atmosphere for special occasions. I understand how to read the crowd and pick songs that will keep everyone up and dancing. I also know when to adapt my song list to fit the mood of the day, and I'm able to play requests throughout the night. My experience helps me to create the perfect soundtrack for each wedding, ensuring that all your guests have an unforgettable time.

How much space does a wedding DJ need to perform?

We need a minimum of approximately 8-10 feet in width and 10-12 feet in depth for their set-up. This includes space for the DJ station, speakers, lights, and any additional equipment. It's important that the space is free from obstructions like tables or chairs so that the DJ can move freely within their area. You should ensure that the space has easy access to a power outlet so that all of the equipment can be properly powered. By providing adequate space and access to power, you can help ensure that we're set up for success!

Contact Drop Top Entertainment

If you are looking for a top-notch wedding DJ, look no further than Drop Top Entertainment. Our experienced DJs are equipped to bring the perfect soundtrack to your special day. We offer a variety of packages and services tailored to meet the needs of your wedding. We can provide the perfect mix of music and can even include specialty requests or custom mixes. Contact us today at (480) 353-8740 to get started on setting up your unforgettable wedding experience!

How can I ensure that the DJ will stay within the timeframe of my event?

When selecting a wedding DJ, it's important to discuss expectations ahead of time. Make sure to communicate your desired length and timing for the event and get confirmation from the DJ that they can commit to keeping within that timeframe. It's often helpful to discuss any transitions or expectations for breaks in between sets with the DJ beforehand. By having these conversations before the event, you can ensure that your wedding reception will flow seamlessly and run according to plan. 
Drop Top Entertainment will always be on time at your wedding venue and never outstay our welcome. 

How far in advance should I book a DJ for my wedding?

When it comes to booking a DJ for your wedding, the earlier, the better! Most DJs book up quickly, so you should plan to make your booking at least six months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to consult with them and discuss their services, as well as provide them with any special requests you may have. Additionally, booking early will give you peace of mind that your wedding DJ is secured and ready for your big day.

How much does a wedding DJ Cost?

Drop Top Entertainment packages start at $1199.99 and up!


We also offer payment plans on select packages that will help maintain your wedding budget. Call us at (480) 353-8740 to customize a wedding DJ package that works for you.

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